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Set up in 1975, QA division of RITES provides quality services to clients for independent and impartial inspection of materials and equipment in India and abroad. Additionally, since the last more than a decade, the division has been rendering consultancy services in the field of management systems, and helping organisations to obtain certification against the relevant ISO standards.

The division has vast experience in third party inspections of railway rolling stock, engineering goods, power equipment, and a wide array of industrial items. A highly trained team of about 350 engineers spread over a network of 30 regional and sub-regional locations across the country are committed to respond to the clients' needs promptly. The inspection services are backed by modern in-house laboratory facilities providing vital technical support.

The steady growth in business is a clear reflection of our clients' faith in our service quality and delivery.


  • Third Party Inspection
  • Vendor capability/capacity assessment
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Development of Quality Assurance Plans
  • Customizing purchase specifications
  • Consultancy for certification in ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO/TS, 16949, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 22000, IS 15700
  • Audits of Quality Systems and safety & energy audits
  • Training for Management Systems.

Sector Served

QA division has wide ranging experience in inspection of materials and equipment in the following sectors: (major items indicated)

  • Transport - rolling stock, wheels & axles, roller bearings etc.
  • Power - TG sets, transformers, cables & conductors, energy meters etc.
  • Oil - Pipes, pumps & valves, bullets, control panels, DG sets etc.
  • Electronics - Data analyzer, PCB test equipments, telecommunication equipment, computers etc.
  • Public Health & Engineering - pipes, fittings, valves, meters etc.
  • Health - X-ray & ultrasound machines, surgical & OT equipment etc.
  • Industrial & Engineering Products - machinery, steel sections, cranes, rubber and plastic products, paints, textiles, paper etc.
  • Coal - Belts, ropes, cables, pumps, dumpers etc.

The division has extensive international experience of inspection of rolling stock and related materials, medical & electrical equipment in a number of countries including US, Brazil, Russia, Japan, China etc.

Client List

The third party inspection services of RITES are being patronised by a host of Central and State Government departments and enterprises. Many private organisations have also considered RITES as the preferred agency. More than 150 clients in the public and private sectors have availed of our consultancy services in management systems.

Contact Information

Mr. R.L.Prasad, Executive Director (QA)
Tel :- 91-124-2571612
E-mail Id :- ,

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